Evaporative Coolers Service

Evaporative Coolers Service (Installation & Repairs)

Keep the summers cool and room fresh with our exclusive evaporative cooler service in Adelaide. We are the East Plumbing near you, one of the leading companies in Adelaide who can make even the most defective cooler run. Backed by many years of experience in handling different types and models of coolers, we ensure no issue remains unsolved. Our skilled technician treats the issue going into the minute details that ensure your cooler will not get the problem again.  The motive is service with excellence for what we adhere.  

What are Evaporative Coolers?

The evaporative coolers are designed to generate a natural and cool breeze through the use of the principle of evaporation. The affordability, energy efficiency and capability to generate cool air make it a popular choice in Adelaide, Many issues can crop up in the air conditioner, it could either get broken down, become faulty or simply cannot operate to its full potential, it can cause inconvenience and discomfort.

Main issues that a cooler can face are:

An evaporative cooler can get many issues which could be of minor in nature but some could be major, while some issues cannot directly be related to the cooler itself.

There are certain external factors that can impact the functioning of the coolers, and these are:

No air flow

Inconsistency or no airflow is a common issue with an evaporative cooler. It is caused due to mechanical failure. Another reason could be due to the circuit breaker and fuse. In case there is a power surge, you are assured the unit would not get damaged; the worst that can happen is the fault with the circuit breaker which could trip or the fuse might get blown. Once the breaker is reset and the fuse is replaced, the unit starts operating again.

  • There could be a fault in the wiring system
  • Check if the wiring system is perfect or if they are not stiff or discolored
  • If the wires around the circuit breaker are discolored, black or parched you should replace the breaker.

Wires can get damaged;

Wires can either get clipped or stripped. In case the wires are damaged, you can take help from a technician.

Fault in Thermostat

Evaporative coolers have a built-in thermostat which regulates the temperature of the room. Any issue in the thermostat is an indication to the cooler that the room temperature that you have set is perfect or not. If found not satisfactory, replace the thermostat.  In some models, its replacement is easy while in other models replacement would be difficult for which you need professional help.

Not proper Voltage

Remember to install the power socket through which you have connected your evaporative cooler. This would give you an idea on the voltage that you are getting. Sometimes the cooler might not work simply as the voltage is not sufficient hence you might not expect it to give the cooling. It is always best to install a voltage stabilizer.

 Fan motor and belt might not be working properly

 Sometimes the belt which connects the fan with the motor is fallen off automatically. Without the belt in place, the fan cannot run, so it is better to put the belt back in place. In case it is soiled or broken replace it.

There could be many more issues that can come up with the evaporative cooler. Some issues can be resolved with troubleshooting exercise but it is better to call the technician to repair or replace the broken part and resolve the issue.

Evaporative coolers are the mechanical boon for us to make our rooms and surroundings cool in the hot summers. This entails we should ensure its effective functioning, and what is a better way to do it is to get a technician from East Plumbing who is skilled enough to do the needful. 

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