Gas Appliances Service (Stove/Oven)

Gas Appliances Service (Stove/Oven) (Installation & Repairs)

At Adelaide, one name that comes in the mind to get the services of a stove, oven or any gas appliance is East Plumbing, a company that means quality, professionalism, and skills. 

A Gas appliance requires regular service which can be done only by an expert technician, a man who can comprehend the issue.

Whether you want to have your appliance installed, repaired or get it serviced, our technician would do it. Having a gas appliance operate perfectly increase its energy efficiency and reduce the costly bills.

Faults in a Stove/Oven

  • You can face many types of issues or faults in your stove/oven
  • One or more elements are not heating up
  • You are getting a burning smell
  • Thermostate trips when you are using a grill
  • No light
  • Fan is creating noise
  • The oven is not cooking properly
  • Gas Burning not lighting up

There could be many more issues or faults, which can hamper the proper operating of the appliance.  Whenever you find there is any of the issues call us and we will send our technician. 

Few things you can do if you find your gas burner is not burning

If you have a gas stove and find your electric ignition is not working, use a match to light the range burner, but if the range burner does not light up and it is not due to a power outage, you can do the following:

  • Pick up the burner gate, cape, and base
  • Clean all the food debris with a toothpick or any type of compressed air
  • Clean the grate, cap or case
  • Check the wires if the connection is not lost.

Even after troubleshooting, the burner is not operating; go for replacement of the igniter. There could also be a kink in the gas line. In any of the above cases, call a technician to do the needful.

We have licensed Gas Technicians and comply with the Australian Safety standards in fixing, repair and service of the Gas appliance

We use all the new parts with full manufacturers warranty

Whatever type and model of appliances you are using, you can rely on our expertise to handle it and rectify it.

We also perform

  • Gas safety procedural checks
  • Testing of carbon monoxide
  • Detect gas leaks if any
  • Gas pressure
  • Service of LPG, repairs, and conversion
  • Extensions of gas maim

Gas Appliance Installation

If you want to install a new stove or an oven anywhere in Adelaide, you can rely on East Plumbing.  After the installation, we would give you a certificate of compliance to ensure you get peace of mind.  The appliance can either be installed in the same location where the previous appliance is installed or in a new place. A new gas outlet will be installed, and out technician won’t leave once the installation is completed. We ensure it is also working effectively and to the satisfaction of our clients.

Gas Appliance Repair

If you find any part of your gas appliance not working properly, do not delay but call us as it could be risky. We ensure that your gas appliance is working according to the prescribed safety guidelines, and do the regular service of your appliance.  In case there is any gas leakage, call our emergency number.

We deal in all types of brands and models of gas appliances.

No doubt breakdowns can happen anytime and it might not happen in your kitchen but anywhere, restaurants or any other commercial complex which might hamper your operations. But our technicians will act fast and rectify the issue of any nature and type. 

If you have any questions, contact us.

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