Gas Heating Service

Gas Heating Service (Installation & Repairs)

Get the five stars rated gas heater service from our leading plumbers in Adelaide, East Plumbing. Whether you want to repair, replacement or installation of your gas heating service in Adelaide, contact us and see you are with your gas heater again. Our plumber has the skill to handle any type or model of the gas heater you have.

In our service towards the gas water heater we follow the steps below:

  • Dismantle and clean the parts of the heater
  • Perform thorough testing of the p.c.b board
  • Check wiring
  • Test gas valve
  • Check gas burner pressure and chamber
  • Ignition system
  • Test fan speed
  • Clean jets and vents

We are highly prolific plumbers in Adelaide, offering complete gas plumbing repairs due to any fault, and if need be the replacement. And, while installing the heater, we ensure complete compliance with the Australian safety standards. Our services are not limited to only its body part but also appliances that are used for gas hot water, cooking and heating.  This demands servicing on regular bases to receive its optimal performance and to retain the highest safety level. It is very pertinent that your gas heater is serviced by the best and experienced plumber once after every two years

Gas Heater Repairs in Adelaide

You can call our Gas heater expert any time and in any season, our technician is always ready with its equipment to reach you. You are assured you will get the service of internatinal standards with guranteed success rate.  We have many years of experience in handling the equipment and its components, so rest assured your equipment will be repaired to your satisfaction. We offer services to all types of brands like Rheem, Rinnai, Vulcun, etc.

 Services to the built-in Gas heater

We offer specialized repair and servicing of built-in gas heaters/gas log fire heaters and even portable heaters of any model or type. Our technician will recommend what is best for you, assuring hundred percent satisfaction and services. If you wanted to install gas log fire heater, repair or services, our plumber is there to help. 

Annual services of the Gas heater

Experts recommend annual services of the Gas heater which ensures the heaters would keep on working safely and effectively. We offer the services that meet the manufactures recommendations and warranty terms. We also have a service division to carry repairs, services, or any other type of work on all the leading gas heater brands.

What our expert plumbers do

  • Evaluate the efficiency of your heater
  • Find your heaters gas pipe
  • Take all filters and clean
  • Clean all inner dust from the fan and interior working area
  • Find out gas injectors of size and function
  • Check if the heater is working properly
  • And ensure your heater is started operating and is running as per the safety standards.

We offer an extensive range of gas heater services that includes

  • Repair and services of Gas Hot Water Heater
  • Installation and repair of Gas Heating lines
  • Ensure there is no leakage in the Gas
  • Offer repair of Gas oven

Get Gas Barbeques repaired or installed from us, including offering Gas Barbecues conversions and Gas Beyond point installation services

We also fix new Gas Lines and repair adding and extending a gas line in your home which also includes repair of old gas lines.

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