Heat Pump Hot Water System Service

Heat Pump Hot Water System Service (Installation & Repairs)

East Plumbing is a game changer in its judicious services to the clients in terms of repair and installation of hot water heat pumps. It complies with its commitment to offer quality repairs of the pumps and see that these are running properly and the people are not deprived of their hot water needs.

How the Heat Pump Hot Water Operates

Hot water heater pumps operate in the same way as refrigerators but they draw energy from air, insulating heat and transferring it to the water that is stored in the tank. These systems are the best energy saving devices, next to the solar hot water heaters and protect the environment. These comparatively cost less and upgrading to it from the electric hot water heater system is easy as it has similar connection parts. Its back up elements ensures you receive the hot water heater all the year round, which is yet another reason to select a heat pump system.

Type of Heat Pump Hot Water Heater Systems available

A vast range of hot water pumps are now available in the market which are

  • Rheem Heat Pump
  • Dux Heat Pump
  • Rinnai Heat Pump
  • AquaMax Heat Pump
  • Chromagen Pump and many more

It is a very minimal amount of electricity, it operates by circulating refrigerant in the unit which gathers heat from the air which is converted to gas and compressed to build the heat. Hot gas heats the water, which is converted back into a liquid to repeat the cycle.

Installation of the heat pump hot water system

East plumbing installs the heat pump hot water system, no matter what type and brand of heat pump hot water heater you want to install in your home or commercial entity.  Our plumber ensures that your hot water heater matches your requirements as per the size of your home or commercial entity.

A heat pump should be kept in an unoccupied space having sufficient room approximately a thousand cubic feet or a 12’ by 12’ size. Do not keep a heater in the cold place.

If you have not yet selected the hot water heater, we would guide you through the selection process, according to your needs and budget.

Issues that can come up with hot water heaters

Water heater issues are easily recognizable, and self-evident, for instance, you switch on a hot water faucet and failed to receive hot water.  On the other hand, you might be witness to the water dripping or puddling or you might hear tank making strange sounds. These issues are a matter of concern. If troubleshooting does not resolve the issue, you will have to call a plumber.

Repair of the hot water heater depends on the type of hot water heater you have; whether it is gas or electric. Though gas water heaters and electric hot water heaters appear the same, water is heated differently in both the systems and the equipment used by then to turn energy into heat is also different. Sometimes hot water might also start smelling bad or get discolored. This problem could be due to the source of the water or faulty heater. If you find the problem you can install a whole house water filter and even a water softener.

There could be many more issues that can crop up in the hot water pump; however, our plumber can fix it to perfection, ensuring the issue will not come again.

 The satisfactory feedback of the clients is the testimony of the quality services that we are providing for the clients.  Our motto is the satisfaction of the clients with a professional attitude and highly efficient services.

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