Plumber Adelaide

Are you worried you are deprived of your hot water needs as heater has suddenly stopped functioning or it is just not flowing through the drainage system; debris might have blocked it! If you are staying in Adelaide, you might be facing with ample of plumbing issues.

Adelaide often gets heavy storm and rains, which causes drains to get blocked causing mess everywhere. However, you have East Plumbing Company near you to whom you can call to clear the drains, clear the mess and rectify any of the plumbing issue of your home.

And believe we are just one call away. Give us a ring at 0412244436 at no call out fee and find plumber in Adelaide near your doorstep.

We offer you the following services:

Cleaning the blocked drains

Keep a regular watch on the drainage system of your home or office. If you find water isn't just flowing through the drains, it means there is a problem. In this case you could try to clean the drain yourself, in case the problem is complex, do not delay but call an expert plumber in Adelaide. Dial our number, and have our drain cleaning expert at your doorstep. Our team is equipped with hydrojet, electric drains machine and even a CCTV.

Repair Hot Water Heater faults

We are well trained in dealing with any type and model of hot water heaters like Rheem, Rinnai, Bosch, and Dux. In almost all these models you can face the problem; either faucet has stopped giving hot water or you witness dripping or puddling, or there would be other major problem. Do not compromise on your safety and leisure, but call our experts at no call out fee and start using hot water again.

Repair and prevention of Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are risky and so do not try to repair the pipes of your own, instead, call us. We will send you an expert plumber at your house to do the necessary repairs. We have the best detection device, like carbon monoxide detectors, gas shut off valves, and natural gas detectors. So the services that you will be of high quality and at the same time keeping in mind safety standards.

Prevent and Repair Burst Pipes

In homes, pipes might burst suddenly and water is left everywhere. In this situation, do not panic but call us immediately at our emergency number. Our plumber in Adelaide will check the gravity of the situation and will do the necessary repairs and even suggest a replacement. We will also sensitize the whole area. So save your home from getting messed up and get the best solution to the bursting problem.

Repair the leaking taps

You are watching a suspense movie, and as soon story reaches its climax, you get distracted by the noise of water leakage from your tap. Obviously, you would get irritated. This incident happens quite often. And if you are a one who does not want it to happen in your case, clean the hose of your tap regularly, but if you find still there is a leakage, call us as it could be a serious problem or an issue.

Replace broken toilets

We offer necessary repairs or replacement of any type of broken toilet suite or cistern, at most reasonable prices. Even if you find there is any blockage any time, you can call us for its repair. We clean leaking cistern, blockages, or any issue that of concern which is of concern to you.

Service the wall furnace and space heater furnacing

These are the two commodities that require services at least once a year, and an expert in the industry, we ensure best services.

The benefit of installing this heater is that it not only takes minimum space but also heat up a large area and that too at a very minimum cost. All the models are thermostatically controlled. As the industrial exponents of the heater furnaces, you can trust us for any type of services: its repair, replacement or even installation.

Evaporative coolers

Evaporative coolers require regular services not only to maintain its performance but also to ensure safety. We are the exponents in the cooler segments offering the best of our services. We can service, repair and even replace its components that include pumps, air filters, fan motors, and water filters.

If you are in Adelaide, let the life do not hinder you due to the plumbing issue, so call us at our emergency number at 0412244436 at no call out fee and that too any time, day or night.

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