Plumber Payneham

East Plumbing has now extended its services to one of the most popular suburbs of Adelaide, Payneham. We offer comprehensive cleaning of blocked drains, to repair or replacement of hot water heaters, coolers, repair of broken taps or pipes and others. Giving your time on a certain task is one thing but offering professional services and to the satisfaction of the people is another. Our plumber in Payneham not only work proficiently but also go beyond their duty to help its clients who find themselves in a messy situation. Our commitment towards our clients ensures you are a hundred percent satisfied.

If you find there is any minor fault or blockage in your drainage systems, call our plumber at 0412244436 at no call out fee.

We propose the following services:

Clean the Blocked Drains

Our plumber at Payneham has the requisite skills and tools to check the blockages in the drain system and clean the mess. Our vehicle is always loaded with CCTV cameras, pipe locators, high-pressure water jetting equipment and other tools. A high-pressure water Jet can cut through all the things that come in its way, and that includes roots, rubble, silt, and even hard substances. We can clean all type of drainage system assuring smart workmanship and professional tenacity.

Repair the hot water heater

We are prompt to offer repair or replacement of hot water heater of your any type or model. You could be broiled with anger and disgust when suddenly hot water stopped coming, this means there is a certain fault in it. There is the only solution to rectify it and that is to call our plumber at Payneham. In case, your heater requires replacement, our plumber can help you with the same. We deal with all kinds of models like Rheem, Rinnai, Bosch, and Dux.

Mending of a Gas appliance and Gas Leaks

Our plumber can also repair any type of your gas appliance and also deal with the gas leak issue. We utilize sophisticated technology and years of skills to point out in the place where gas leaks in your home. Our plumber has also expertise to install a carbon monoxide detector including shut off valves. He also does the complete safety inspection to ensure your appliance is installed correctly and your vent is working properly,

Repair of the bursting pipes

Bursting of pipe in your home is an emergency condition, as it can make your home a mess. So, it is better to call a plumber who is near you. We can fix your pipe quickly so that damage is reduced to a minimum and costs levied is less. Besides, we also replace the pipes of any size and with our extensive tool, we ensure you are not levied with costly restoration and property disruption charges.

Repair of your broken taps

If there is any leakage in the tap, or it is dripping, do not ignore it. We suggest you call our plumber near you who not only repair the tap but also make sure that there is no leakage again. We can repair any type of tap by using Hydroseal tap washers which are best and works well, and even cheap. Do not take a small problem to grow into an emergency situation, call us now at our emergency number

Service of the wall furnace and space heater furnacing

We offer quick services of your gas heaters to ensure it is running efficiently. Gas heaters should be serviced at least once a year as it would protect you from potential danger or risks. Homeowners should also have carbon monoxide detectors installed in the space. During the service, our plumber will check for leaks, proper seals, connections, clean the burners and even carbon monoxide.

Clean and repair the toilet

Our services also include cleaning and repair of the toilets. We use the best chemicals that clean the blockages and save you from the messy situation. Besides, we also repair your toilet cistern or any other broken part. We also replace the toilet and address the bathroom repairs. If you find any blockage in your toilet seat, call our plumber at our 24/7 emergency number.

Evaporative coolers

Our plumbers also offer services of evaporative coolers which includes repair of its part/s and its replacement if required. We clean and provide comprehensive service of sediments build ups, unit operations, cooling, lubricate and even other components. In our offing is also comprehensive cleaning process. We also disinfect water system which is required for its proper functioning.

So, call us at our emergency number 0412244436 at no call out fee, anytime, any day.

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