Plumber Pooraka

East Plumbing has expanded its plumbing services to the residents in Pooraka, offering repair and replacement of the hot water heaters, coolers, wall furnaces, broken taps and pipes with a high degree of professional integrity, and in compliance with the Australian safety standards. It offers its services to both the commercial as well as residential complexes.

If you find, there is an issue in any of your appliances, drainage system or pipes call our plumber in Poorka at 0412244436 at no call out fee.A minor fault in any of your appliance or sewerage system can lead to a major issue, so do not ignore it.

We propose the following services:

Clean the Blocked Drains

We have expertise team to clean the blocked drains of your homes or offices. Our plumbers analyze the magnitude of the problem first before suggesting the solutions. We use CCTV cameras, hydro jet machines and other equipment that goes deep inside the drains and clean the stuff from its core. After the cleaning, our plumber sensitizes the surroundings and clear all the mess that could have occurred due to the blockage.

Repair the hot water heater

We offer repairs and solution of the hot water heater which is best in Pooraka. Any issue can happen with your hot water heater, but our plumber has special training to deal with any type model of all the popular brands like Rheem, Rinnai, Bosch, and Dux. We would suggest if you need any kind of repair or replacement of your model, we would do it for you. We assure hundred percent quality services with best workmanship.

Mend Gas Leaks and Gas appliance

If any time you suspect there is a gas leakage, it is a serious matter. Immediately call our plumber at Poorka. Remember gas leaks can cause fire, and can also cause your gas bill to increase. Our plumber will repair the pipe that is causing gas leakage. Besides, we also repair any type of gas appliance model and even fix the new one. You only have to give us a call at our emergency number.

Repair the Bursting Pipes

We have a team to deal with the bursting pipes issues. There are many reasons for the pipes to get burst, it could be weather or old structure of your home. In any case, if you see pipeline has burst, call our expert plumber for the necessary action. He would either repair the pipe and will even suggest its replacement.

Rectify leaking or broken taps

Whether there is any leakage of a tap or it is dripping, our expert plumbers will help you. Our plumber offers repair of any type of tape and even suggest its replacement. Leakage could be due to many reasons; our plumber will find out the cause and then rectify the solution. We use Hydroseal tap washers on all types of tapware as they are long lasting and best, so they offer the best value for money. Call us at our emergency number 0412244436 and learn more about our services.

Service of the wall furnace and space heater furnacing

We provide regular service, installation, and maintenance of your wall furnace and space heater furnacing. Our expert plumber ensures it is regularly maintained and repaired so that it operates effectively. It is our workmanship and professional ethics that will go into the services of your equipment. Any issue with your wall furnace, call us.

Clean and repair the toilet

East Plumbing also offers the regular cleaning and repair of the toilets. It is quite embarrassing when toilets get messy, due to the blocked drains. So why allow the situation to go out of hand. If you find a toilet is blocked, and water is just not going, and even so toilet cistern is broken, do not delay but call our plumber. We are able 24/7.

Evaporative coolers

Our services also extend to evaporative coolers, which are now in almost every home. We check and clean Algae, Fungus, or Sediment build ups, unit operations, and cooling, lubricate and fan components, and others. We also offer comprehensive cleaning and even disinfect water system which is needed for its effective functioning. So, call us now.

We are available 24/7, so call us at our emergency number 0412244436 at no call out fee.

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